Ventilator Machine on Rent

YNB Healthcare is the leading provider of ventilators for rent and for sale. A ventilator is one of the most essential life-saving tools. When a patient needs heart-lung support due to acute or chronic illnesses, it is used in ICU settings. It helps patients meet their respiratory needs and helps relieve respiratory emergencies.


  • Both adults and kids will enjoy this product. 
  • Invasive to non-invasive ventilation can be accomplished without switching equipment. 
  • Adaptive leak correction, inspiratory triggering, and expiratory cycling. 

Those who are having trouble breathing are given air into their lungs by ventilators, frequently with additional oxygen. A breathing tube is inserted into the patient’s windpipe to do this (also known as the trachea). This passageway allows air to reach the lungs without going through the vocal cords. A ventilator that breathes for the patient is connected when a tube is inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose. This process is known as intubation. 

People who are ill or experiencing a medical emergency but are anticipated to recover rapidly most benefit from intubation. These ventilators can be used in mixed modes to provide continuous or intermittent ventilation support for patients who need mechanical breathing at home or in the hospital. 

The ventilators are available for phone orders, and they may be delivered anywhere in the city and the surrounding areas. The ventilators will be installed at the site by a qualified technician. 

 The medical staff is trained on how to operate, look for, and care for the equipment as well as how to resolve small problems. Professional technical help is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to enhance patient safety and care. 

Who Needs a Ventilator

If someone has respiratory failure, they need ventilation. When this happens, a person may not be able to breathe in enough oxygen or eliminate carbon dioxide very well. It may pose a threat to one’s life.

Respiratory failure can result from a wide range of traumas and ailments, including:

  • head injury
  • stroke 
  • lung disease 
  • spinal cord injury 
  • polio 
  • sudden cardiac arrest 
  • neonatal respiratory distress syndrome 
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) 
  • pneumonia 
  • Sepsis 

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