Home Nursing

YNB Healthcare Pvt Ltd provides another arm to help in a problematic condition of a patient from hospital to homecare.

We understand the responsibility of a nurse is not limited to medication and feeding the patient, it requires 24 hours special care in any thick and thin, especially with mother and infant care, old age, paralyzed or on-bed patient. Its YNB Healthcare Pvt Ltd attribute to ensure quality care for any knotty requirement like ICU at home, pulmonary care, Post-surgical care including other requirements.

Also at YNB Healthcare Pvt Ltd we provide trained attendants for routine works and take care of on-bed or paralyzed patient. 

YNB Healthcare Pvt Ltd nurses and attendants’ are the perfect bland of holistic caretaker and a friendly and trusted person for a patient in need, who perform the bridge between patient, doctor and the guardian of patient.

  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Strictly professional and experience nursing staff.
  • Nurse, Medication and monitoring itself.
  • Attendant, medication under guardian’s instruction if required.
  • For mother and infant care, old age patient care.

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