Medical equipment on rent in Noida


Are you always nervous about arranging medical equipment? If yes, we are a very qualified medical device rental supplier in Noida, so you need to visit our website. You can borrow these devices and get the best treatment in your home with the help of these devices

YNB healthcare has remarkable experience in the field of patient care medical equipment for home use and the organization is very sincere & serves its responsibilities with honesty and dedication.


An experienced and qualified medical team can rent or buy a wide range of products such as ICU monitors, nebulizers, manual beds, surgical items, paraffin gauze, feeding syringes, walking sticks, diapers, and portable aspirators. Cotton rolls, infusion cannulas, infusion stands, urine bags, breast vibrators, etc

vibrators, etc.
We all know that emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, including at night. Here you can find YNB Healthcare Pvt Ltd to take action within a minute and treat the patient in a very ethical way.
Our highest quality is to provide all health-related emergency services under one roof with 24/7 availability

Easy to use and clean

It is too easy to use because it can be used even after reading the manual. Our patients recommended us to one of the most capable online stores where you can buy medical devices online. After using them, you need to clean them, our device is very simple and easy to clean.

The best quality of our company is to provide all healthcare-related emergency services under one roof within 24*7 hours of availability.

We provide all required medical equipment by delivering promptly at home.

Following are the types of equipment available

● Oxygen cylinder

● Oxygen concentrator


● Wheelchairs

● Cardiac monitors

● Nimbus mattress

● Pulse oximeter

● Suction apparatuses

● Syringe pump

● Ventilator

● DVT stocking with pump

● IB stand

● Walking sticks

● Patient beds

● Wheelchair

● Respiratory support

● Bathroom toilet aids

● Pregnancy care

● Patient transfer product

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