Hospital Bed Provider in Delhi

Hospital Bed Provider in Delhi

A hospital or other medical facility may utilize a variety of beds. Different types of beds are utilized for various scenarios and patient conditions as well as various therapeutic goals. Understanding what kind of hospital bed they need and what features they need can be difficult for first-time shoppers reaching hospital bed provider in Delhi.

Let’s try to comprehend what function each of them can fulfill so that next time you contact an hospital bed provider in Delhi, you know what exactly you want.


The most basic kind of hospital bed is the general ward bed. All that is needed for them is a metal sheet, a frame, and a mattress for the patient. A general ward bed is also frequently referred to as a “Sheet Cot” because of its straightforward construction.

Patients use this sort of bed to relax and recover, and it is typically only available in basic hospital wards.


A Semi Fowler Bed comes with the ability to raise the bed’s backrest part. For patient safety, these beds can also come with side rails that collapse or are easy to lift. The head and foot panels are frequently made of stainless steel or ABS. A manual crank, a hydraulic gas spring, or even an electronic actuator system could be used to raise the backrest.


The Fowler’s position, an inclined position in which the bed’s head is raised to encourage dependent drainage following an abdominal procedure, is the foundation for Fowler beds. A fowler bed, also referred to as a two-function bed, has the ability to raise both the backrest and the kneerest portions of the bed.

The mechanism in this case could be either mechanical, hydraulic, or electronic.


The capabilities of Fowler beds are included in a three-function bed, which also has height-raising and -lowering capabilities. For elderly patients who have trouble getting in and out of bed, this technical feature can be extremely helpful. 3 Function beds are typically found in both ICU and emergency rooms.


All the functions of a 3-function bed are included in a 5-function bed, which also contains features like tilt functions in the reverse and forward directions. These features allow for forward or backward tilting of the entire bed.

For individuals with restricted mobility or paralysis, a 5-function bed can be helpful. ICU and luxury patient rooms typically contain 5 Function beds because they have the most functionality. ICU beds are another name for these mattresses.

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