Bipap Machine on Rent in Delhi NCR

Bipap Machine on Rent in Delhi NCR

BiPAP stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure and works similarly to a CPAP machine in terms of function and construction. Unlike a CPAP machine, which has a single pressure setting, a BiPAP machine has two pressure settings. One pressure is for inhalation (IPAP), while the other is for exhalation (lower pressure) (EPAP). When you breathe in, the pressure rises to a certain level, then drops when you exhale. With a Bi-Level machine, many people find it easier to tolerate PAP therapy, and their doctor has prescribed it as a special therapy. Bi-Level machines are also known as BiPAP and VPAP.

Resmed Bipap On Rent

Take charge of your respiratory health and enjoy the freedom of personalized therapy with our reliable and advanced BiPAP machines. Available for rent or purchase, our machines offer unmatched comfort and customization for a better quality of life.

Bipap On Rent

Breathe easier and improve your sleep with our reliable and advanced BiPAP machines. With features like pressure relief, humidity control, and mask fit detection, our machines ensure optimal respiratory therapy for a better quality of life

Bipap On Rental

At YNB Healthcare, we understand that respiratory health is paramount to living life to the fullest. With our affordable rental and purchase options for BiPAP Machine, you can take control of your respiratory health without breaking the bank.


  • Alarm function available
  • Inspiration trigger for auto start-up
  • Pressure range 2-20hpa
  • Sound level <=27db


Breathing can be a difficult task for patients with chronic COPD, asthma, or other respiratory difficulties. Herein lies the significance of our vast range of breathing support equipment, the most important of which being BiPAP machines. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about our BiPAP equipment.


Without a doubt, our BiPAP machine pricing will astound you. We maintain the best and branded ones in stock at a reasonable price. The finest aspect is that you are not required to make a purchase every time. For your convenience, we also have rental options available.
Assume you don’t have any respiratory problems on a regular basis. During seasonal transitions, asthma sufferers frequently complain of obstructed breathing. If you suffer from similar issues, you can hire a BiPAP machine as needed. It won’t be essential to keep one in the closet corner.


BiPAP machines are especially important for those who suffer from COPD. It certainly has a critical and serious tone to it. One gadget, however, can be owned by anyone. Breathing problems can strike anyone at any time. Breathing difficulties can occur in people who have never had asthma or COPD for a variety of reasons.

Many factors can contribute to obstructed breathing. As a result, owning one BiPAP machine at home ensures that you are always prepared in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, we provide these equipment at a reasonable cost. If the cost of a BiPAP machine is prohibitive at this time, you can take advantage of our “rent a machine” services.

You won’t have to worry about any respiratory problems since we’ll take care of them for you. Our goal is to provide everyone with high-quality breathing aids at a reasonable price. Everyone is eligible to have a BIPAP machine at home.

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