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Portable Oxygen Concentrator On Rent

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Oxygen Concentrator on Rental

Receive free home delivery when you rent an oxygen concentrator in Delhi. All of our oxygen concentrators for rent in Delhi are either brand new or in excellent condition, and each rental use is followed by a thorough cleaning and sanitization


  • Nasal cannula to keep.
  • Weight: around 8 lbs.
  • Large Colour LCD Screen.
  • Oxygen Block Alarm.


In order to supply and provide a maximum oxygen concentration of up to 93% +/-, an oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates oxygen from a gas supply (often ambient air). Pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas separation are two methods with comparable applications.


By operating the cycle at a high temperature, the specific oxygen production limit and oxygen return from a pressure factor swing adsorption (PSA) measure to the creation of oxygen from the surrounding air can be increased.

The greater productive nitrogen re-absorption from the adsorbent caused by the higher temperature activity more than offsets the negative effects of the reduced selectivity and nitrogen adsorption limit from the air at the higher temperature.


Although the polymeric layers are conventional and have a new value, their presentation, which is as widely known as possible, limits them (penetrability must be lost by selectivity and vice versa). This cut impacts the use of the polymeric film for the evolution of CO2 from the gas streams of the pipes since the mass vehicle becomes constrictive and the CO2 partition is extravagant due to weak permeabilities.

Due to their strong, warm, synthetic opposition, as well as high tunability (ability to be modified and functionalized), film materials have stepped into the realm of silica, zeolites, natural metal structures, and perovskites, causing increased penetrability and selectivity. Films can be employed as a penetrable obstacle through which different mixtures flow at different rates or do not move at all to isolate gas mixtures where they travel.

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