Hospital Bed Dealer in Delhi

Hospital Bed Dealer in Delhi

A medical center would be inconceivable without hospital beds. Market options for hospital beds include fully-electric, semi-electric, and electric models. That’s not all, either!

Let’s examine those bed types in more detail so that you can have a good knowledge whenever you contact a hospital bed dealer in Delhi.

Hospital beds by the type of care you need

● Critical care beds
● Curative (acute) care beds
● Long-term care beds
● Adjustable Hospital Beds
● Specialty Hospital Beds
● Rehabilitative care beds

Hospital beds on the basis of their function


The electric bed is one of the most contemporary types of beds currently on the market. These beds are typically accessible at hospitals with many specialties. These beds are far more user-friendly than beds that are manually operated.

These beds are renowned for giving the sufferer more comfort. They boost the effectiveness of the workforce as well.


Hospitals have historically utilized Gatch beds. These beds are typically found in historic hospitals or senior living facilities. These beds are comfortable and don’t require electricity.


A minimal air loss bed has special cushions and an air blow system that blasts air into the mattress sacs. These beds are designed specifically for burn sufferers in hospital burn units and patients who have skin grafts. These beds keep them constantly dry and cool.


If you need patient beds that move only sporadically on their own, you must choose these motorized ICU beds. These beds offer people who are severely paralyzed the ultimate comfort. Additionally, these beds are perfect if your crew is understaffed.


Ideal for setting fracture patients separate from other bedridden patients. Patients with varying demands for sleeping and learning can benefit from these beds.

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As a hospital bed dealer in Delhi, YNB Healthcare is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality hospital beds at affordable prices. Our hospital beds are designed with both the patient and the caregiver in mind, featuring a variety of features such as adjustable height, comfortable mattresses, and easy to use controls.

We understand that a hospital stay can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience, which is why we strive to make our hospital beds as comfortable and functional as possible.

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When it comes to hospital beds, it’s important to find a dealer that you can trust. We at YNB Healthcare pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and the highest quality hospital beds in Delhi.

Our hospital beds are designed with the latest technology and are built to last. They are comfortable and easy to use, making them a great choice for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. We have a variety of hospital beds to choose from, including electric beds, manual beds, and bariatric beds.

So if you’re in need of a new hospital bed, don’t hesitate to visit us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect bed for your needs. If you need a hospital bed, we are the best hospital bed dealer in Delhi to visit.

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