Embalming Service in Delhi NCR

By postponing the symptoms of death naturally, embalming preserves a body. This is accomplished by injecting specialized embalming fluids into the body of the deceased, which helps to make them appear more at peace.

Preparing the body is the first step in the embalming procedure. Since surgery is involved, the body must first be cleaned. The stiffness is then relieved by massaging the limbs. Following this, the facial features are fixed and the artery or cavity embalming procedure is carried out, which together make up the two primary stages of embalming.


The body of a loved one is preserved as part of a customary funeral rite that is practiced all across the world. This is a popular option for funerals with open caskets or when the family wants to spend extra time with their deceased loved one.
An additional justification for selecting embalming is

  • Perhaps as part of a pre-paid funeral arrangement, a person may have asked for it before they passed away.
  • For bereaved family members, being able to see the individual again and see their genuine expression via it can be consoling.
  • If repatriation of the body is required
  • If the funeral takes longer than expected

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