ICU At Home

YNB HEALTHCARE PVT LTD is India’s one of the best company who provide ICU service at home by 24*7 hours at one roof.

As we know that the patient care is very critical and tough situation where no one can care or handle a patient very easily after discharging from the hospital and taking the patient at home where doctors suggest for further treatment. Now a days most of the person is related to the middle-class families who cannot afford much money for the further treatment by staying their family member or patient at hospital because almost all hospital charges are enough to pay and the customer is not able to pay whether at the time of very critical situation or emergency case or in normal conditions where still further treatment is required for the betterment of patient health but charges are started and continuously applied for the period of staying at hospital If any person who belongs to the rich families but still they want to get the best facility and better treatment by paying nominal cost or charges at a very lower charge.

Now the concept of providing of services like ICU related emergency services at home with various facilities where the patient not getting such facilities at the hospital with the best quality but there are several types of agencies or companies who are not sufficient to provide all ICU related services at one roof but there is only the YNB HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED who not only provide medical equipment related services also serve the nursing services as well as provides attendant for 12 hours or 24 hours as per customer demand with well care patient at home with a responsible manner.

There are various services which included in ICU service at home for example :-

  • Medical equipment (ventilator, oxygen concentrator, para monitor, cardiac monitor, Bipap machine, etc.)
  • Nursing service
  • 24 hours attendant staff.

YNB HEALTHCARE PVT LTD. Also provides Dr. Visit service at home by 24 hours because it is very urgent in case of any suddenly well know and ICU experienced doctor requirement.

Our company also provides ICU ambulance service with the doctor who is well educated and experienced.

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