Mortuary Dead Box Freezer Box In Delhi

Mortuary Dead Box Freezer Box in Delhi

Mortuary cabinets are refrigerated cabinets with a low temperature that are used to store dead remains for a short or lengthy period of time. Hospitals, railways, airports, disaster & army camps and army hospitals, among other places, use these dead body refrigerated storage cabinets. Other names for these cool cabinets include morgue freezer, deal corpse storage refrigerator, mortuary fridge, and mortuary chambers.

The temperature of a mortuary storage cabinet is usually kept between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius, although it can also be set to 0 degrees Celsius, -10 degrees Celsius, or even -20 degrees Celsius. We deal in mortuary refrigerators in Delhi, NCR, India. We provide renting services for mortuary refrigerators to homes, hospitals and nursing homes.


The chambers’ panels must be properly insulated, and they are usually composed of stainless steel. The exterior surface is usually made of prefabricated panels, and the enormous space includes a stainless steel inner chamber that is insulated in between the front openings. It also features trays for removing deceased bodies, which have grips on both corners and are fixed with rollers for easy mobility. Generally, the outer surface of mortuary freezers is chemically treated, anti-rustic, and paint coated to prevent corrosion. Using the hermetically sealed refrigerator compressor unit with an automatic digital temperature controller and indicator, one can set the temperature between -20 and +5 degrees Celsius.

Dead Body Box Rent In Delhi NCR

There are various varieties of mortuary freezers based on their size, weight, specs, and construction materials. The cost of funeral chambers may vary depending on the use of high-efficiency insulating panels and environmentally friendly elements. In terms of size, mortuary chambers come in a variety of configurations and capacities, ranging from 2 to 16 corpses.
In today’s market, hospitals choose to utilise environmentally friendly units in which panels and doors are constructed from environmentally friendly materials for foam, and rapeseed oils are used for insulation instead of petrochemicals for the same reason. There are many options for mortuary freezers based on loading, such as front-loading or side-loading. There are two types of mortuary chambers based on cold chambers: one is used to maintain a slower positive temperature that does not prevent decomposition, and the other is used to maintain a negative temperature that totally freezes the body and prevents decomposition.

Uses of Mortuary cabinet


Mortuary cold freezers are mostly used in hospitals to store dead remains temporarily. It is a great piece of equipment for use in medical institutions and hospitals where cadavers are kept for the purpose of conducting research on a variety of body parts. It is also used in army camps to retain corpses and postpone decomposition until the bodies are delivered to the appropriate authorities.

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